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"Masturbating with my sister" - Details

Posting Date
Author Anonymous User
Title Masturbating with my sister
Category Incest
Where it happend
Age then
Age now
Gender MALE
Story Length 2017
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Masturbating with my sister

I had always fantasized about getting caught masturbating. Something
about it really turns me on. A few times I know of, I have been
watched, but never straight up caught, until now. Tonight my fantasy
was to come true, but a little differently than I had always imagined.

I recently went to stay with my sister Lisa in San Francisco for about
a week. She lives with her best friend Tammy, who I have wanted to
fuck ever since I was 14. Tammy and my sister were both 21 then, and I
was 23. Tammy would flirt with me, but it never amounted to anything
except a good jack-off session for me afterward.

After a couple of days of me staying with Lisa and Tammy, they both
seemed to forget I was around. They would walk around in little T-
shirts and underwear, or shower with the door open, etc. It wasn't
really unusual for Lisa to be so comfortable in front of me; after all,
we were very open at home with Mom and Dad.

Our family would hang out around the house wearing very little. The
unusual part was that Tammy was doing this too. I hoped this was a
message that she finally wanted to further our sexual relationship.

My sister had given me her video store card so I could rent a movie if
I wanted. Friday night I came back to their house after wondering
around the city to find my sister's car gone. I figured this would be
my perfect opportunity to try and fuck Tammy. (Fantasies spring
eternal) I went to the video store and rented the new Jenna Jameson
porno. I have always thought it would be incredible if I walked in on a
girl masturbating, so I just assumed girls felt the same way about guys.

When I got back, the light in Tammy's room was out, I was disappointed
that she had gone to sleep, so rather dejectedly I sat down on the
couch, put in the movie, and relaxed.

The movie was so hot that it didn't take long for me to pull my dick
out and start masturbating to the action. I have always liked to
masturbate for as long as possible, bringing myself close to coming,
but then stopping. Sometimes I can last for hours doing this.

After about an hour, I heard noise coming from the hallway. I assumed
it was Tammy getting up for some water or something. Here was my chance
to get caught; the thought sent my blood pressure through the roof, and
all I could think about were her pretty eyes watching me doing it.

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and then stop just behind me
at the door to the TV room. I was so turned on knowing that Tammy was
behind just out of sight watching me, but I pretended that I didn't
know she was there. She must have stood there for about 10 minutes. All
I could think about was 'is this turning her on as much as it was me?"
and 'Should I let her know that I'm aware she's there?'

My biggest concern was whether she was going to try to sneak back to
her room, or would she bust me. I had to slow down to keep myself from
coming; I was so excited by the situation.

After what seemed like forever, she finally walked out from around the
hallway. The only light was from the TV, so all I could see was long
blond hair, and a perfect body, wearing black workout shorts, and a cut-
off white tank top.

I tried to act surprised when she walked into the room, but I was
really turned on beyond belief and probably wasn't that convincing. I
couldn't see if she was angry, or smiling, or what.

I started saying, "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I thought you were a sleep." I
didn't put my dick away though. Letting her see it in its entire hard
splendor. I just held my hard dick in my hand, and apologized. In all
my years of fantasizing about getting caught masturbating, nothing
could've prepared me for what was to happen next.

I heard my sisters voice say, "Don't worry brother, I won't tell Tammy
what a perv you are." Then she giggled as she came closer for a better
view. I couldn't believe it; I had been caught jacking off in front of
my own sister.

Well now I really didn't know what to do, so I just stared at her with
my mouth hanging open looking like a fool. She looked me right in the
eye, let out a merry little laugh, and sat down on the other couch
beside me and proceeded to watch the movie.

By this time, I had put my dick back in my pants. I wasn't ashamed
about what I'd done, but I also wasn't going to make my sister
uncomfortable by continuing to stroke dick right in front of her.

We both continued to watch the movie for a while. I was really turned
on at this point, and was wondering if Lisa was too. As far as I was
concerned, there was no way in the world any normal human being could
watch this hot shit and not be aroused. I knew that my hard-on was
extremely visible through my sweat pants and wondered if she. I knew
that if Lisa even glanced in my direction, she would've noticed.

Guess what...that's exactly what she did. She turned towards me to
comment about the scene we were watching. She got half way through her
sentence and then stopped, and was staring right at my dick. I made a
gesture like, 'Sp what do you expect."

She smiled and said, "Don't worry, if I had a dick, it'd probably be
just as big, if not bigger."

I said chidingly, "What do you mean bigger?"

She said back to me, "I didn't mean anything by that, I just know why
you've got a boner is all. And by the look of it you probably wish
I'd get out of here so you can take care of an urgent need." She smiled

"No, don't even worry about it, its okay," I said.

"Well I hope it wouldn't make you to uncomfortable if I were to touch
myself, this movie is one hell'va good flick," said Lisa.

"No way, I don't mind if you don't mind," I said.

With that said, Lisa brought her hand down to her stomach and started
to rub it. Her tank top was cut off to right underneath her breasts.
She really had an incredibly sexy stomach. It was tan and firm, with
just a slightly visible bit of muscle.

After a casual petting, she brought her other hand down in between her
legs, but on top of her shorts. By now, I was teasing my dick through
my sweat pants, and felt my pre-cum wetly underneath the material of my
pants-was really horny.

We went on watching the movie and letting our hands wander over our own
bodies, but neither of us were really masturbating. The last scene
of the movie was, and till this day is, one of the hottest scenes I've
ever seen. Peter North and Jenna Jameson suck and fuck each other on
the hood of a car. I was so into the scene that I didn't even notice
I'd pulled my dick out of my pants and was beating it up and down

Lisa saw this and followed my lead. She pulled her little shorts down
almost to her knees and started rubbing her wet pussy like mad. I
couldn't help myself I had to look. I looked over at her to find out
that she shaves her pubic hair down to a real thin strip, like a
Mohawk. I couldn't believe what was happening, my sister and I were
masturbating together!

I could have cum at any moment, but I wanted this to last, so I backed
off every time I got close. After about 10 minutes of this, I realized
that I was focusing my attention on Lisa instead of the movie. And the
crazy part was, I was more turned on then I'd ever been in my life

I didn't want her to think I was getting off on watching her, so I made
myself watch the movie, or at least looked like I was. I stole glances
at her and saw that she now had two fingers inside her pussy, while
rubbing her clit with the other hand. We were both breathing heavy by
now, and there was an occasional moan from one or the other of us.

Much to our mutual dismay, the movie ended, and we were both stuck
sitting there in the blue light of the blank TV screen, masturbating
like crazy.

Neither of us knew what to do, but we both knew that we had to do
something. Then Lisa turned to me and said, "I hope you don't think I'm
disgusting, but would you mind if I just watched you jack-off, you
really look sexy."

"To tell you the truth," I said, "that'd be great!" My dreams come true.

With that out of the way, Lisa got up, took off her shorts completely
and sat down on the couch next to me. We were only about a foot away
from each other, me stroking my dick, Lisa still fingering her cunt. We
sat facing each other staring at one another's movements. This was more
of a turn-on than I had ever imagined.

Lisa was playing with her nipples now, while fucking herself with her
fingers. I wanted nothing more at that moment then to shove my face
between her thighs and taste her cunt, but I knew she might not be into
that, so I refrained.

Then Lisa was bucking her hips up and down and I knew she was coming. I
couldn't hold out much longer myself, and I told her that I was going
to cum.

What she said and did then surprised the hell out of me. She laid down
on her back with her legs on both sides of me and said, "Cum on my
stomach, please, I want to feel your hot cum on my stomach. Don't waste
it, come on!"

As if I were in a dream I got on my knees and positioned myself over
her. We were both fucking ourselves hard now and Lisa screamed, "I'm
coming, cum with me, now, now!!"

That was all I had to hear and I was shooting my come all over her
chest and stomach. Lisa was having a very intense orgasm, and that made
me cum even more. She took one of her hands away from her pussy and
started rubbing my come all over her stomach and chest.

I decided to take a chance and join her in spreading my come on her. I
reached my hand out onto her stomach and started rubbing my come
around. She didn't seem to mind, so I took it a step further and
reached up to her tits. She arched her back and moaned loudly as I
pinched one of her nipples in between my fingers. She definitely didn't
seem to mind.

Afterward we both lay there for a while without saying anything. I was
hoping that she wasn't having regrets, and then she said, "Wow, I had
no idea what I'd been missing out on all this years!"

I was relieved she wasn't upset. I certainly wasn't, and I wanted to
explore the possibilities with her in the future. And then there was
Tammy too. Wow, what possibilities!
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